SA-47 MK2- Tube Condenser Microphone

Vintage Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Mic

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Exact replica of the most revered vocal tube microphone in history, the Neumann U 47.

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Recreating one of the most legendary tube microphones

The SA-47 MK2 is an exact replica of the most revered vocal tube microphone in history, the Neumann U 47. With the aid of a Telefunken-Siemens EF800 NOS tube, Braingasm Lab’s M-7 capsule, and a AMI BV08 output transformer, we have managed to give this replica the true character of an original Neumann U 47 at a fraction of the price, making it affordable to everyone.


The SA-47 MK2 is made with premium components

Since the capsule is the single most important component on a microphone’s tone, we have decided to take extra care and use the best replica available, the M-7 by Braingasm Lab.

The SA-47 MK2 features premium capacitors on the audio path as well as polystyrene capacitors, which are more stable and much more linear in the top end This makes them the perfect choice for feedback circuitry. Additionally, the unit features a NOS Telefunken tube reducing noise and the output impedance to give this microphone the true character of an original U 47 microphone.

We have remained 100% faithful to the original vintage circuit and schematic and have made no compromise in parts, which ensures you are get the best possible sounding microphone.


100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t love your SA-47 MK2, we’ll refund you

If you’ve used an original vintage U 47 before, we’re extremely confident the SA-47 MK2 will put a big smile on your face every time you use it.

However, if you’ve never touched the original before, as gear-lovers ourselves we understand that the only way to really know if this tube microphone is for you, is to put it through its paces.That’s why the SA-47 MK2 comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This allows you to get it into your studio and see how it impacts your recordings. If you love it (and we think you will!), great…keep the unit and create amazing music with it. If not, no problems. Just send it back to us and we’ll fully refund your purchase. Don’t worry, whichever way you decide to go we will remain friends.

Technical Specs

  • Custom designed M-7 capsule from Braingasm Microphones Lab
  • AMI BVR8 Output transformer
  • Telefunken-Siemens NOS EF800 tube
  • Omni Pattern switching
  • Ohmite Carbon comp resistors
  • Neutrik connectors
  • PSU 110-220V
  • Custom microphone holder
  • Wooden Box
  • Flight Case
  • 20Hz – 20kHz frequency response
  • Hand made in Chile
  • 2 year warranty (excluding tubes)
  • 30 day money back guarantee

22 reviews for SA-47 MK2- Tube Condenser Microphone


    For the price this is an absolute awesome microphone. For vocals this is pretty much the go to, whether screaming aggressive or the softest of ballads.

  2. egroys

    This mic is worth every penny. Did mic shootouts with different singers and the SA-47 always just sounded like a record right away. It comes in a beautiful case + flight case, the power supply is beefy in all the right ways, the cable is extra long, and the shockmount is very sturdy. I can’t say enough about how great it sounds on anything you put it in front of. Also, don’t sleep on the omni pattern!

  3. Jamie Sitar

    So glad I ordered 2! Amazing on vocals of course, but equally awesome as a stereo pair on drums and piano. Great build quality – a total bargain!

  4. Matt Berky

    STAM has done it again. My 2nd purchase with STAM and I knew I would be getting something special again. This mic is amazing. It is beautifully built and sounds amazing. Nice smooth thick vocals, great for acoustic guitar as well…piano, anything you want to record this just works and gives you a great vintage tone. Shot it against a Telefunken u48 and it’s detail response was almost identical. Congrats guys, another winner here.

  5. Eike Groenewold

    My SA-47 arrived some months ago (after waiting only 3 weeks for shipping to Germany) and yet there seems to be no source it cannot handle. Especially drum room recordings blew me away. Vocals sound full and sit in the mix very well. It took some days to understand that it just does not need a lot of EQ. Being used to a Neumann U87 Ai (which was my workhorse before) and dealing with it´s harshness the SA-47 does sound very natural and full bodied compared to the U87. STAM´s Pultec may be a good partner to add a little shine on dull voices – maybe that will be my next order from STAM 😉 I will be doing a little shootout with my U87 Ai as soon as I have a free week without recordings

  6. Vahe Manoukian

    I have been fortunate enough to hang around some amazing recording engineers and recording equipmen over the last 28 years. I’ve heard many U47s in my life- the most recent was a matched pair with consecutive serial numbers and a stereo power supply! The vintage mics sound incredible!!! My SA47 arrived and it also sounds incredible! I was able to A/B the SA47 to the pair mentioned above. Most U47s sound different from each other. The vintage U47s are over 50 years old and are in great shape but who knows what they’ve been through over the years. You truly are getting the closest thing to a real U47 with it’s high quality. The high end capsule is made by Dany Bouchard in Canada and are professionally skinned with DuPont Mylar and an AMI transformer! No cheap Chinese capsules and transformers!

  7. Frankie

    This mic is gold ! Never had the pleasure of using an original one , but i don’t feel the need anymore . Beautifull full shimmering in depth 3-d sound to me !

  8. Chris Chorney

    Nothing short of amazing. A pleasure to use. Brings out a musical quality in our singers we have not heard before. Compared this to a Flea 47 – same ballpark. Could not be happier with this investment. Thanks Stam for another great product.

    Cost has always been our guiding factor – we need the best quality for the lowest price, and this product, we feel, is setting the bar quite high for similar microphones. We finally have a sound that we always wanted – but for a very reasonable price.

    One note – we did notice that the phase was inverted when the mic arrived. We became aware of this issue from another reviewer, checked it out and they were correct in their assessment. Not sure where the issue occurred in the circuit but our tech was able to fix the polarity flip. Will update when we have more specific info.


    Analog Rock Machine Studio
    Honolulu, HI

  9. Peter Knight

    The STAM SA47 is a fantastic microphone. Well built, fantastically priced, and sounds glorious. I couldn’t be happier.

  10. martin schlotfeldt

    I have been using this mic for a few months now, and I love it. Works great on everything, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, in front of a Drum Kit and is specially great on Vocals. It has been de #1 mic of the studio since his arrival. Great construction and comes with an excellent case and the proper accessories for this kind of mic Thanks guys!

  11. Patrick Bohr

    I got a lot of mics in my locker, Neumanns, JZs, Nevatons, Lautenaudio etc.. but I really love this mic. I only buy it because I want to use it for vocals recordings but after 5 month its one of my go to mics for everything. Great as a OH Mono Mic. Incredible in front of the kick. Nice at E-Guitars, AccGuitars etc… The only problem….I need one more 🙂
    Because the wait was long I tried out the warm audio. And IMHO with the WA-47 you get only an idea how a U-47 maybe could be, but the Stam make the magic ! The built quality of the WA-47 by the way is shit. I mean really shit.
    The only sad thing about the S47 is that the powersupply has no light to shows that it´s on.

  12. Adrian Csapo – Csapo Studios

    I am very happy with my purchase! The vocals are stunning. Magical Microphone!

  13. Aaron Levinson

    I own all kinds of mics from RCA 77’s to the Brauner Valvet and all points in between. This mic is a spectacular iteration of one of the finest Neumann designs. From it’s build quality to its exceptionally low noise floor you simply cannot buy a finer of this microphone on the open market.

  14. Mansur S.

    Just got this baby. And made a quick check.
    Never heard such a full and warm tone. Till now the u87 was my to go mic. The sa47 has a much fuller tone. Really sad that I didn’t purchase this before!
    Quick delivery. And very well packed. Excellent case and looks stunning! Perfect!
    So don t think , GET THIS MIC, u won’t regret it.

  15. T.E.T.

    This is an awesome microphone. Comes with a nice case. Well packed. Sounds like a record. Wish I had more 🙂

  16. Mike

    This is simply a wonderful microphone. I’m also one of those people with lots of mics…Flea, Neumann, Brauner, etc. This in front of an acoustic guitar is a heavenly match and so easy! The right placement, no eq, bang. It is definitely in the group of go-to mics now. I pre-ordered and delivery took some time, but it was worth the wait.

  17. Mark Webster

    Best microphone I have ever worked with. I run it through a Focusrite Clarett and I’m floored by how big and sweet vocals sound. My acoustic guitars sound clear and brilliant but with warmth, no harshness. Wish I had ordered two.

  18. Dave Garner

    Got this beauty a few months back (MK1 version) and I have to say this is the smoothest mic I’ve ever encountered…and I’ve been a studio singer for 30 years in some of the biggest studios around. It just sounds like a record right out of the box…before any effects applied. But then it reacts incredibly with whatever effects are added – they enhance the sound rather than degrade it. Now I’m just waiting for the 1073MPA I ordered a while back. Can’t wait to be blown out of the saddle when that baby finally gets here!!! Josh and his team do an incredible job building these. Just wish I had an extra hundred grand to get 2 or 3 of everything they make!!!

  19. Alan Cumpton

    5 star rating …Cheers for a fantastic product know world wide!

  20. Alan Cumpton

    Awesome product!!!! Cheers all…..

  21. Billy North – Russel Road Studio

    This mic is beyond my expectations! I’ve sung on 47s, so I am familiar with them. Unfortunately I don’t have one in my mic locker to compare… but this is it! It has a 3 dimensional quality I cant put into words. Its beautiful! Magical! Crazy amazing!

  22. George Leong

    Received the new MKII version and got it right to doing it’s job recording a male and female vocal. STAM absolutely nailed the sound of the vintage 47. Back in the 90’s I used to own a vintage U48 which we had to sell off due to the declining studio business. Based off memory, the STAM gave exactly the same vibe as the Neumann. The mic was solid and well made. My only complaint is that the power supply case is made of softer metal, the screws were not able to be screwed tightly and the toroidal transformer came off loose during shipping but tech support helped me get it fixed right away 5 *****. For the price, it’s unbeatable value. Much appreciation to Joshua and his team for working so hard to bring these awesome tools. I also orderered a SA251 but thats a story for another day. – A STAM fan.

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