SA-87T- Tube Condenser Microphone

Vintage Tube Condenser Mic

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The Stam Audio SA-87T is a cross breed between a C-800G and a U87 microphone. An enhanced and richer sounding version of the most popular microphone of all times.

With so many companies coming out with U87 replicas we decided to do something a little different and take this microphone to the next level which was no easy task. After trying dozens of tubes and transformers we settled with the best sounding formula to make this classic microphone even more exciting.

The SA-87T uses the same capsule and transformers as the SA-87i, however the circuit is replaced by a NOS European tube giving this 87 a richer and more airy sound. A state of the art solid-state power supply was designed for this microphone.

We use the finest K67 replica capsule in the world as well as Sowter output transformer and Vishay capacitors on this circuit.

By committing to only the highest build quality and making no compromise in component selection we can offer this outstanding sounding microphone at an affordable price.

The noiseless operation, incredible sensitivity and beautiful detail will make this microphone an all time favorite.



100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t love your SA-87T, we’ll refund you

The SA-87T comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This allows you to get it into your studio and see how it impacts upon your recordings. If you love it (and we think you will!), great… keep the unit and create amazing music with it. If not, no problems. Just send it back to us and we’ll fully refund your purchase. Don’t worry, whichever way you decide to go we will remain friends.

Technical Specs

  • Braingasm K67 Capsule
  • Sowter Output Transformer
  • NOS European Tube
  • Vishay Capacitors
  • Solid State PSU 110-220V
  • Custom Microphone Holder
  • Leather Bag
  • Flight Case
  • 20Hz – 20kHz frequency response
  • Hand made in Chile
  • 2 year warranty
  • 30 day money back guarantee

1 review for SA-87T- Tube Condenser Microphone

  1. Matt Corsi

    I received this mic in early March, 2023. I have tested it on vocals and as a room mic and it has exceeded all expectations! The tube stage adds a richness that is blended well with the more typical U87 sound, not overly “tube” sounding, not under-stated either. Bass response is solid, top end is shimmery and airy more so than a standard U87. The mids are where this mic stands out compared to a solid state U87. It has more of a U47 quality than a U67 quality, in a very good way. This mic is incredible regardless of price and with the reasonable price point I highly recommended it! I have owned and frequently used a Neumann U87, a U47, and an M269 so my ears know the originals. The SA-87T is a blend of the highest quality legendary mics and unlike other offerings in the market. It is versatile and suitable for a huge range of applications. I ran it through a bunch of mic pres (Avalon 737, Stam 1073 MPA, Stam 312t, Heritage HA-73EQ, CL 7602 MKII, Manley Core, Focusrite ISA, Daking, SSL, Chandler, and UA 4-710) and they all added different colors showing the versatility of this mic. Way to go Josh! I should have purchased a pair!

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