We accept pre-orders for future batches with a $200 deposit. This secures you one unit at a discounted rate of $100-$300 dollars, depending on the unit. You can pre order on our website with our add-to-cart button or via our PayPal email: stamaudio@gmail.com.


    We normally build units in batches. Please refer to our delivery calendar to find out in which month we will start shipping your model. We try to get every batch out in the same month.


    No, pricing excludes shipping. Shipping costs are currently (USD):

    500 Series ( 312-5 , 312-5+, 1073_5)
    Americas: $65.00
    Europa: $80,00
    United Kingdom: $80.00

    Asia/Australia: $96.00

    SA-87 , SA-87i
    Americas: $75.00
    Europa: $75,00
    United Kingdom: $75.00

    Asia/Australia: $96.00

    SA-47MK2 , SA-251, SA800, SA-67
    Americas: $130.00
    Europa: $145,00
    United Kingdom: $182.00

    Asia/Australia: $210.00

    SA-76D+, SA-76ADF, SA-609
    Americas: $130.00
    Europa: $140,00
    United Kingdom: $180.00

    Asia/Australia: $210.00

    SA-1073 EQ, SA-1073MPA , SA 4000Mk2
    Americas: $110.00
    Europa: $131,00
    United Kingdom: $150.00

    Asia/Australia: $180.00

    StamChild MK2 ( SA-670)
    Americas: $300.00
    Europa: $350,00
    United Kingdom: $350.00

    Asia/Australia: $350.00







  • How do I get the special pricing for "First 100" to reserve?

    There will be a discount code on the product page, underneath the pricing. Copy this, paste it into the “discounts” box upon checkout. Note: it will automatically stop working after the first 100 units have been sold.

  • Discount Policy

    Stam Audio discounts apply to the very next purchase of one single product in its stock price (even if the model is not in stock). You can choose any of our gears, but only one unit. You have to pre-order the gear (write in the paypal payment description: “X% off as a compensation for X product delay/Joshua’s deference”) and once we start shipping that model, we invoice you the pending balance with your discount applied + shipping costs. It’s important for you to know that the cost for upgrading your gear has no discount.

    Please, bear in mind that it’s just one discount voucher per client regardless the number of massive emails you receive because all of them are part of the same compensation campaign (if you have 2 delayed orders and receive 2 discount emails, you only have 1 discount voucher; it’s the same discount voucher). In case you have 2 or more discounts for different reasons, you can only pick one of them.

    The customers who are eligible for the discount are the ones who placed an (pre)order for one or more of the following gears (delayed): SA-4000MKII, SA-76ADG/F, SA-47 and SA-67. Pre-orders had to be placed before May 1st, 2019. The discount is valid until September 30th, 2019.