SA-16 – Summing Mixer

Active summing amplifier

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18 Channel Summing Amplifier with selectable “A” and “N” OUTPUT MODS!

Introducing the SA-16, a cutting-edge active summing amplifier that embraces the best of two iconic 70’s flavors. This modern marvel allows you to seamlessly switch between two fully discrete, independent output stages, each with its own distinct character.

At the heart of the SA-16 lies the THAT CORP 1240 chip, serving as a line receiver for every audio signal. From there, the signal flows into the summing circuit, centered around the revered 134 Op-Amp, widely regarded as the finest integrated Op-Amp available. Finally, the signal reaches the output stage, where you have the freedom to choose between three enticing flavors.

The first option is a clean and expansive solid-state choice, reminiscent of the renowned Oxford consoles. Next, there’s the “A” styled output section, based on the legendary 2520 Op-Amp found in vintage American consoles. This choice offers a punchy, in-your-face sound with tight dynamics. Lastly, the “N” styled BA-440 output section, inspired by the revered 33609, instantly infuses your audio with a distinctive British vibe and attitude.

The SA-16 also boasts three balanced stereo insert points, allowing you to incorporate your favorite external units such as compressors, limiters, and equalizers. Its stepped output level control ensures precise and consistent adjustments, while the three selectable output stages (Standard, British, and American MODs) provide an array of tonal possibilities.

The insert push-buttons on the SA-16 route the selected input pair to the SEND/RETURN connections on the rear panel via D-SUB connectors, enabling you to connect external outboard gear as true balanced inserts. Specifically, the insertable input pairs are 1-2 (ideal for drum bus processing) and 9-10 (perfect for vocals bus). Additionally, an extra balanced insert pair is available for the stereo master output, granting you access to the external mix bus insert chain.

Experience the SA-16 and unlock a world of sonic versatility, where vintage charm meets contemporary innovation.


The American MOD of the SA-16 utilizes two SA-2520 op-amps and two custom-wound, USA-made 312 “A” styled steel transformers. This configuration provides a mid-range push and punchy aggression to your mixes, adding character and energy.

On the other hand, the British MOD features the output stage of a 33609, incorporating two BA-440 cards as found on the ‘metal knob’ revision, and two custom-wound, EU-made LO116 “N” styled output transformers. This setup offers immense low-end extension and a tone that is instantly recognizable, giving your mixes a rich, warm character.

In the Standard Output mode, the SA-16 delivers an extremely clean, clear, and wide output stage with high-performance THAT CORP line drivers that have high slew rate, low distortion and a wide output swing. This mode provides a big, spacious sound reminiscent of the Oxford-line of consoles.

To ensure optimal performance and minimize electromagnetic noise, each SA-16 comes with a premium, custom-spec external power supply. This attention to detail in the design and construction of the summing amp ensures the highest quality sound reproduction.

Whether you’re seeking the punchy aggression of American consoles or the recognizable warmth of British consoles, the SA-16 with its American and British MODs is a versatile and indispensable tool for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Elevate your mixes with the Stam Audio SA-16 and experience the best of both worlds with the distinct sonic characteristics of the American and British MODs. Achieve professional-grade mixes with ease and precision using this exceptional summing amplifier.


 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t love your SA-16, we’ll refund you

We’re extremely confident this will put a big smile on your face every time you use it.

The SA-16  comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. This allows you to get it into your rack and see how it impacts your recordings. If you love it.      (and we think you will!), great…keep the unit and create amazing music with it. If not, no problems. Just send it back to us and we’ll fully refund your  purchase. And don’t worry, either way you decide to go we will remain friends.

Technical Specs

  • Active summing mixer
  • 18 channels
  • IC Technology Summing Amplifier
  • Two SA-2520 Discrete Op-Amps
  • Two BA-440 Discrete Cards
  • Two Custom USA-Made Steel Output Transformers (American MOD)
  • Two Custom EU-Made Output Transformers (British MOD)
  • Balanced Stereo AUX Input
  • Balanced Stereo AUX Output
  • D-SUB 25-Pin Connector
  • Standard, American (“A”-styled) and British (“N”-styled) Selectable Output Stage
  • Stam Knobs
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Handmade in Chile and Italy
  • **5-Year Optional Warranty**


2 reviews for SA-16 – Summing Mixer

  1. Julio ‘Fragancia” Abreu

    No doubt this will be a great product – with many great summing boxes from different manufacturers this one adds the 3 top dog console sounds in one box – brilliant !!! . Stam Audio is known for top quality gear without breaking the bank … ‘-)

  2. Julio ‘Fragancia” Abreu

    No doubt this will be a great product – with many great summing boxes from different manufacturers this one adds the 3 top dog console sounds in one box – brilliant !!! . Stam Audio is known for top quality gear without breaking the bank … ‘-)

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