SA-800G – Tube Condenser Microphone

Large dual-diaphragm Tube Condenser Mic

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The SA-800G is a sonically identical replica of the legendary Sony C-800G tube microphone.

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Recreating an elite tube microphone.

There are many great microphones in the world, for all types of applications, but few can claim to be a truly elite microphone. Unfortunately, with that highly vaunted status comes certain exclusivity. An elite microphone like the C-800G attracts an elite price tag…until now.

The SA-800G is like no other microphone you have ever used. It is a large dual-diaphragm condenser, which can switch between cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns. Its key feature is a 6AU6 vacuum tube, with its own cooling system designed to maintain an optimal operating temperature for the tube and an all tube 6AU6 base power supply.

By committing to only the highest build quality and making no compromise in component selection, we can finally offer a true replica of the microphone that even the largest studios dream about. The almost noiseless operation, incredible sensitivity, and beautiful detail is what makes the original C-800G so sought after. The SA-800G performs identically, capturing silky smooth vocals, as well as mirroring the intimacy of acoustic instruments.

The Stam Audio SA-800G is made with premium components.

Let’s start with the capsule. Being responsible for 90% of the microphone’s tone we had to being with the best replica we could find. The SA-800G features a custom US made capsule based on a 1970’s vintage set of original K67 backplates which offers the same marvelous top end the C-800G is known for. It utilizes brass rings to secure the Mylar and nylon screws to isolate the capsule halves. This capsule, made with standards as high as our own, was perfect for the SA-800G.

We obtained thousands of NOS 6AU6 tubes. In combination with the accurate K67 style replica this tube has a beautiful low end, round mids and an extremely pleasing top end which is only found on this circuit. Each SA-800G comes with a custom Sowter output transformer with the same ratio and frequency response as the original which has allowed us to faithfully recreate the tone and magical top end of the C800G microphone at a price that is affordable to everyone

We have done are absolute best to remain 100% faithful to the original circuit and schematic and have made not a single concession in parts, which ensures that you are getting the best possible sounding microphone including the Peltier cooling system and same tube power supply as the original microphone with two 6BA6 tubes which are burned for 72 hours to ensure it works flawlessly for decades to come. In the unlikely event that one of these tubes fails we offer free replacements for our customers (and we have enough for a lifetime!)


100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t love your SA-800, we’ll refund you

If you’ve used an original Sony C-800G microphone before, we’re extremely confident the SA-800 will put a big smile on your face every time you use it.

However, if you’ve never touched the original before, as gear-lovers ourselves we understand that the only way to really know if this tube microphone is for you is to put it through its paces. That’s why the SA-800G comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Technical Specs

  • Custom US made K67 capsule
  • Custom UK made Sowter output transformer
  • NOS 6AU6 tube
  • Original schematic and circuit
  • All Tube Power Supply with two NOS 6AU6 tubes
  • Omni Pattern switching
  • Ohmite Carbon comp resistors
  • PSU 110-220V
  • Custom microphone holder
  • Aluminium Flight Case
  • 20Hz – 20kHz frequency response
  • Hand made in Chile
  • 2 year warranty
  • 30 day money back guarantee

13 reviews for SA-800G – Tube Condenser Microphone

  1. Riccardo Mazza

    Just received!! These guys did an incredibile job! The sound is astonishing a perfect an stable tonal balance even at higer volume. Real close to the C800 at fraction of the price.

  2. Jay Goodman

    I know it might hard to believe that the sonic quality and clarity of the Sony 800G can be reproduced at a fraction of the retail price but the hype is REAL. The moment we heard the SA-800 on vocals our jaws dropped. This may be the best sounding mic I have ever used. Incredibly low noise and superb clarity. It instantly cuts through the mix and sits just perfectly. Everything about this mic is as superb as I could ever dream. If you don’t have the SA-800 in your mic locker you are missing a secret weapon that will bring your production to the next level.

  3. rockstarmvpaudio (verified owner)

    Finally got my SA-800 about two weeks ago and have been putting it through the wringer so far. Have used it on a bunch of vocalists already and from aggressive hip hop vocals to soulful r & b vibes this mic has sounded amazing. Deep rich lows, pristine sparkly top end, everything sounds amazing with this mic! I couldn’t have been more pleased with this purchase and it will definitely be one of our go to mics in the studio, was worth every penny and the wait!

  4. Mike Snoody

    I have to say, I am seriously impressed with this mic! It is extremely quiet but also extremely responsive and it has a beautiful top end that doesn’t sound harsh at all! Josh and the Stam team clearly take their time when building these mics and it shows when you put it to use. Very happy with the sound and I’m looking to grabbing a 251 next!

  5. David DiMuzio

    This mic blew me away. Buttery smooth high end, clear mids, and round lows. Singing on it made my vocals sound instantly mixed. ?

  6. Eric L

    Amazing mic with beautiful top end smoothness and overall clarity. For pop or anything modern this is probably the best mic I’ve tested and it’s no surprise why so many stars prefer this mic.

  7. andro Martinez

    unbelievable. so glad I got one, my secret weapon, not so secret as I tell everyone about how awesome it is.
    clear as water, warm and the right frequencies for amazing vocals, acoustic guitars, etc.

  8. Ricardo Cifuentes Levin

    Obtuve este micrófono en su versión primera y fue WOWWWW una bomba en mis grabaciones vocales, con unos agudos suaves y cremosos coloco la voz masculina en su lugar en la mezcla rock.
    Es un gran micrófono desde su construcción hasta su sonido, una calidez que solo el tubo genera y con un gran sonido gordo y lleno de armónicos naturales.
    Excelente trabajo Chicos de Stam.
    pronto espero tener un Compresor 1176 en versión Stam.
    Saludos !!!!

  9. Jeremy Goddard

    A great sounding microphone. Sounds exactly how I’d expect. Very bright and clear but not overly sibilant or harsh. Built like a tank as far as I can tell. Definitely would recommend for anyone looking to get the Sony C800G sound. For reference I got version 2 with the heat sink on the back and the standard, solid state, power supply. Would have gotten the tube upgrade for power supply but cash was tight at the time but no regrets with how great it sounds so either way.

  10. Mike Moore

    This microphone will no doubt replace my Neumann U-87 and my Telefunken AK-47 as my “go to” mic in my mic locker. I’m running it through a Neve 1073 MicPre, matching 1073 EQ and 2264ALB Compressor into Pro Tools and it sounds fantastic. The top end is very smooth and not too harsh or edgy and it is crystal clear on female vocals.

  11. Cameron

    This is the real deal. When using this mic there were a couple times when tracking that I had a moment of deja vu where the vocals sounded like vocals from popular records. I don’t normally have the feeling during the tracking stage but the vocals end up being polished right out of the gate with little eq.

  12. Max

    this mic is the only thing i d be saving if my house would suddenly burns down. love it so much.

  13. contacto.ocmusic

    Ya tengo el micrófono en mi estudio en Bogotá Colombia realmente no puedo estar más feliz con él, en mi casillero tengo un chandler TG que era mi micrófono preferido pero este SA800G lo primero que puedo decir es su sensibilidad lo paso por un Avalon 737 y con el chandler necesitaba de bastante ganancia el stam solo es tocar un poco las perillas y la magia aparece es presente casi para lanzar una canción, las voces suenan realmente increíble gracias Joshua que gran trabajo fue un poco duro esperar tanto tiempo pero valió la pena.

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