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Classic British Tone

The 1073-5T is famously known in the audio world as a “Turbo Neve”. Providing up to 75dB of gain the circuit consists of the classical 1073 dual input stage with two BA284 cards which retain the clarity and low end of the original while adding further harmonic distortion and coloration with the aid of a tube output paired with a 5:1 nickel output transformer.

Premium components

A UK made Carnhill input transformer, tantalum, polystyrene and Vishay capacitors, a premium selected tube and a custom US made nickel output transformer are all inside the Stam Audio 1073-5T.

Each part has been carefully auditioned and selected  to impart the same character and sound that these units are known for and will last decades to come.

Hand made in Chile

Each unit comes with phantom power, impedance and polarity switch and a built in DI. We assemble all our units by hand at our lab in Chile which allows us to audition and measure parts prior to assembling them so that every unit sounds exactly the same and is built with the same quality.

100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t love your 1073-5T, we’ll refund you!

All Stam Audio units come with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty.

Technical Specs

  • Carnhill Input Transformer
  • Custom Nickel Output Transformer
  • Dual BA283 Preamp Stage
  • Vishay/BC Capacitors
  • Completely Discrete Signal Path
  • 75dB of Gain
  • Trim
  • Marconi Knobs
  • Tube Output Stage
  • 48V phantom power
  • Impedance Selection (300 – 1200 ohms)
  • Hand Made in Chile
  • 2-year Warranty
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

10 reviews for 1073-5T

  1. Martín Cantolla

    Excellent preamp with lots of character. Once you get into the >55 gain levels, the sound really starts to saturate in a pleasing way, and in conjunction with the Trim knob you can set your desired output level. The distortion the unit generates when pushed is not suitable for all scenarios, but one can simply turn the gain down and it maintains crystal clarity, while still sounding “solid” and hefty. I’m an amateur with 10 years of recording experience, but can easily say this is top quality gear.

  2. One Step Studio

    I got this pre last month and tested it against console NEVE pre – I wasn’t disappointed at all! All electricity is at a top-notch level and the sound is just beautiful and jaw-dropping!
    Can highly recommend this Pre!

  3. Paul Svenson

    I have two of these and LOVE the sound!

  4. blvkqmusicgroup

    Rocking with this Pre and it’s been fantastic! Stam makes hi quality products!

  5. Jason Wyatt

    Thanks Josh! Great pre! Love it on acoustics.

  6. kobi

    great preamp. full of character, a bit on the “wild side” like a 73 on steroids. so be sure thats what your looking for. but then its magic, lots of presence and gain.

  7. Alexandros Lykostratis

    I bought a pair of these and they are my go-to pres for everything, from vocals, to drums, to DI bass guitar. If driven, they give this fantastic colour needed in many cases. Of course they can be less coloured, but always with the signature neve sound. I never owned a neve 1073, but I’m telling you, this Stam unit is out of this world!

  8. Nick

    I bought one about a year ago as a colored alternative to my “clean” pres on my SSL Six. Shooting them out, the stam sounds cleaner than the six to me on lowers gain settings, and has really nice color if you drive it a bit. I’ve never had another 1073 clone or the real deal, so I can’t compare but that aside, these are great preamps at a great price. One thing is that my first one that I ordered from Stam came with the input gain switch one value off, and it needs unplugging and replugging of the DI jack each time I power it on (it’s not that way on the second one I bought). I could definitely send it in and have that repaired, but it’s easy enough to work around. Easy 5/5 for me

  9. Dave Garner

    So glad I purchased the 1073-5T unit. Such a simple piece of gear, but man…the sound is FANTASTIC! Clean, clear, punchy, and that was it by itself. I paired it with the SA-3A-5 compressor/limiter, and woohoo…get back on the horse, dude!! If this doesn’t immediately sound like a record…nothing else will. I’m using it anything I can and whatever it is, it just sits perfectly in the mix. Doesn’t need much EQ either. Can’t recommend either one enough. You just can’t go wrong. I’ve used the best, and this is at the top!

  10. Joona Muistola

    This pre is really really good. It’s very colorful and it can be a bit much on some sources tho. 1073-5T has found it’s place as my go-to for snare top mics which for me, is the most important source after overheads. It smoothes out the transients ever so slightly even in lower gain settings, but still keeps the sound forward. I love it. Really want another one when I can afford it

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