SA-87 – Condenser Microphone

Vintage Large-diaphragm Condenser Mic

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The SA-87 is an exact reproduction of a 1979 (rev16) vintage Neumann U 87 microphone, considered by most engineers as the finest sounding U 87 ever made.

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A replica of one of the finest sounding condenser microphones in history

We have recreated the distinctive character of the 1979 (rev16) Neumann U 87  microphone to the very last detail, and for the first time, at a price that makes it affordable to anyone.

The SA-87 is made with premium components

The SA-87 features premium Vishay capacitors on the audio path as well as polystyrene capacitors, which are more stable and much more linear in the top end. This makes them the perfect choice for feedback circuitry. Every unit comes with a Lundahl output transformer.

The main shortcoming with current offerings is polarization voltage. While current models feature 60V, the vintage units were rated at 48V. The lower voltage of polarization makes the capsule sound more musical and mellow as well as increasing the microphone’s headroom, hence making it less susceptible to distortion.

We have remained 100% faithful to the original vintage circuit and schematic and have made no compromise in parts which ensures you are getting the best sounding microphone possible.


100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t love your SA-87, we’ll refund you

If you’ve used an original vintage U 87 before, we’re extremely confident the SA-87 will put a big smile on your face every time you use it.

However, if you’ve never touched the original before, as gear-lovers ourselves we understand that the only way to really know if this microphone is for you, is to put it through its paces. That’s why the SA-87 comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This allows you to get it into your studio and see how it impacts your recordings. If you love it (and we think you will!), great…keep the unit and create amazing music with it. If not, no problems. Just send it back to us and we’ll fully refund your purchase. Don’t worry, whichever way you decide to go we will remain friends.

Technical Specs

  • Pizzolante Labs K87
  • True to the original vintage schematic (rev 16)
  • Lundahl output transformer
  • Vishay Capacitors
  • Polystyrene capacitors
  • Custom microphone holder
  • Omnidirectional, cardioid and figure 8
  • 20Hz – 20kHz frequency response
  • Hand made in Chile
  • 1 year warranty
  • 30 day money back guarantee

27 reviews for SA-87 – Condenser Microphone

  1. Richard Plotkin

    This is an *amazing* microphone. Stam Audio is meticulous in the quality of products they make.

  2. Jake Robertz

    Absolutely in love with the sound. Did a shoot out with a new U87 and preferred the character of the Stam. Well worth the wait.

  3. Steve G

    The SA-87 is a piece of art! Very solidly built. Vocals sound absolutely outstanding with this microphone. This mic also takes EQ beautifully. I have it going into my Stam Audio 1073EQ preamp (with Sowter output transformer)…and the combination is killer…especially with the EQ dialed in!


    Just ordered my second-MUST have a pair of these. Sounds so so great on everything. Built like a tank-heavy in the hands- a joy to hold and plug in and let that gold warm sound flow into your recorder. STOP F!@#$%^&K around and get a real Mic! This is it!

  5. fkenbo

    I bought four SA-87 for use in Japan. The sound quality is almost the same as the original 87i in the studio.
    It is an almighty mic that can be used for various recordings such as vocals, pianos, strings, and brass.
    I highly recommend it.

  6. Nils Christian Fossdal

    Very happy with these mics! Pairs up nicely with the Neve 1073 for vocals. Great!

  7. Steve “Rock Star” Dickey (verified owner)

    Just took this mic out for it’s first session a few days after receiving it and it was love at first listen. Ran it through my Neve Shelford channel, the sound was phenomenal! Soon to have a permeant home in my studio A Top Secret Location once construction is done!

  8. Wes

    The SA87 is an affordable means into the U87 world. This microphone sounds fantastic as well as all of their other microphones. Built well with a classic look.

  9. Wes E

    This microphone is very great for the money. I am very happy with it. Have been using it on vocals so far. Definitely recommend!

  10. Wes E

    Great great microphone. Very impressed and happy with it. Stam makes great products!

  11. Michael Harmon

    The SA-87 is a truly great sounding microphone. It sounds every bit as good or better in some cases than my Neumann microphones. Not a fan of the shock mount, but it works. Considering the cost, it’s a no brainier. Just have to be extremely patient with shipping times. Mine took almost 11 months to ship after I put down my deposit.

  12. thane

    The new Stam audio 87 (neuman U87 clone) mic is working out well. I’m so glad I bought it.

    It was a hassle getting it here – it took 10 months, and for a while i was wondering if I had been conned. But in the end I realized that it was a quality issue they were working on changing suppliers of the main component.

    In the end it was worth it.

  13. TimHo

    Wow!! What a great microphone and worth the wait… Great body and clarity. Have used many vintage U87’s over the years and this does not disappoint. Amazing mic on vocals, guitars and drum room. Keep up the amazing work Stam Audio!!! You’re truly making a mark.

  14. Jamie Sitar

    Wow! This mic is everything that I love about old U87’s without the price tag. Full and detailed, yet tight and smooth. I just did my first vocal session with my SA87 and could not believe how little I paid to get “that” sound. I would choose this over a new U87ai any day. It doesn’t hurt that I can buy 4 or 5 of them for the cost of 1 Neumann!

  15. D. James Goodwin

    Just got them yesterday after an admittedly long wait. But I have to say, they are absolutely fantastic. They compare VERY favorably to my old Neumann 87s, but are damn closely matched and my old ones are definitely not. These are truly great microphones, especially at this price.

  16. Tommy

    Purchased this mic from Turnlab in Belgium. Absolutely stunning sounding mic. So silky, smooth & full sounding. This mic is in a league of its own compared to other mics in the same price range, and I guarantee it tops more expensive mics too!

  17. Riccardo Mazza

    Fantastic!! I used few older models in late 80’ and sa 87 really gives me again that amazing sound!! 5 stars!!!!

  18. Stijn Donders

    I can’t really add much by the looks of these reviews, besides telling everyone I they are all right! After trying out this mic for the past few weeks I can honestly say I have not used a better LDC in my life.

    It has a beautiful detailed vintage sound. A bit dark with a touch of saturation in the mid-lows. When treated with eq it can be brightened to taste without it ever sounding thin or harsh.

    I love the sound of this piece of art and thank the good people at Stam Audio for their hard work and time they put into these mics. We can hear it!!

  19. Brian (verified owner)

    Amazing! Just blown away by this. Best mic I have ever owned. Well worth the money and I like supporting small companies and Josh is a great guy. Watch his interview. They really put effort into the details and appeal to us small studio owners

  20. Darien Omar

    This microphone is AMAZING!! It is mind blowing how a mic at this price point can be so thick in the middle and have great definition in the top end. I just got my mic on 12/05/2020 and I am already 5 songs into my EP. Joshua, this is a solid product!

  21. hwang.suhyung

    This microphone is way better than I expected. It sounds well balanced and rich. I can say this is way better than my other $1000 bucks level mics.

  22. Emil

    My SA87 arrived today and I tried it on vocal and guitar and … OMG. Amazing. I always owned cheap and middle price microphones despite I have a lot of experience with more expensive and profesional gear. By profesional I mean sound and built quality. Price of this microphone is extremly low for this quality.
    I was looking for U87 style mic and my choices were SA87, WA87 or Neumann TLM103. And for my ears SA87 sounds way better than both WA87 and TLM103. Maybe because this is the sound I heard on a lot of records but I don’t care any more. I like it.

    Especialy I like how microphone handles high frequencies. Highs are silky and present but sibilants sounds very smooth. I run SA87 through my Neve 73 syle preamp and EQ and no matter how much highs I add the sibilants and air is well balanced.
    To my ears this microphone have a lot of good sounding low mids that are fat and smooth so for radio voice is amazing and for singing vocals bring strenght and fatnes to vocal without being anoying and boomy.

    I’m so happy that I choose SA87 and I’m looking forward to work with it a lot. I would recommend it to all who are looking for a real vintage version of U87.

  23. Will Booth

    Beautiful mic, gives me that classic sound with that bit of help in the lower midrange. Had instantly good sounds on vocals and acoustic guitars.

  24. simonjohns99

    I received the SA-87 really fast and it works flawlessly, like i was hoping too. Good job Stam audio team and Joshua is such a cool guy and always respond to my numerous questions! will buy again !

  25. Yesha Moor

    This mic is beautiful…golden!!! I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to purchase the SA-87. I still have more things to learn about this beauty, but getting to know her has been amazing!!! It’s definitely the best mic I’ve ever owned, and at this price point it can’t be beat!!!

  26. Mick S

    A very well made great sounding product made by a company that cares about the details. Very Satisfied with this purchase.

  27. Ephraim A.

    What else can I add that others have not mentioned? Stam Audio has come a long way since 2018 when I bought the first SA-87. The mic only keeps getting better! Not only that, this mic beats out a lot of the competition in its price range and beyond! In my opinion, a pair of the SA-87 and the SA-67 will suffice any good studio. If you only have a budget for one pair, I’d go SA-67 because of a magical sparkle it produces that’s just amazing! However, the SA-87 does not fall behind at all! There’s a rich warmth in the SA-87 that’s hard to describe because I haven’t heard it in any big production mic in its class which makes it flexible to manipulate with EQ (hardware or plugins). Best wishes and I hope this review helps in solidifying your decision process for this mic.

    Great work Stam Audio Team!

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