We build our products in batches, purchasing in high quantity allows us to get steep discounts from manufacturers which enables us to build our gear with only high-end premium components in the audio path such as Sowter, Carnhill and Cinemag transformers, Vishay Capacitors and NOS tubes. Although reserving is not mandatory, we encourage to do so to avoid long waiting times as our batches sell out quickly, you also get a 100-dollar discount from our stock price for doing so.

Please find below the scheduled batches.

1073                      1st batch                              Jan/Feb 2017

SA87                     1st  batch                             Feb/March 2017

SA4000                4th  batch                             March/April 2017

SA-2A                   4th batch                              April/May 2017

SA3A                     1st batch –                          May/June 2017

SA76                     1st  batch –                         May/June 2017