Stam Audio creates zero compromise recording gear that is light on the wallet. Recreating the finest gear from the 60’s and 70’s, we go to every length to ensure that each piece contains every last ounce of musicality and tone from the originals. The reason we’re able to achieve the sound you’d expect from a very expensive piece of boutique gear is through a combination of years of research, development and critical listening. Only the best components are used, and each component goes through a rigorous testing process with one thing in mind: getting the best sound possible. If you’re experienced in using classic gear such as the LA2A, 1073MP or U87 – you can expect to swap in Stam gear seamlessly, with no change in sound or functionality.


Every decision made at Stam Audio has two very specific goals in mind.

1.  Sound quality

2.  Price

Since we can’t budge when it comes to component quality, we have found some other unique ways to keep the price as low as possible. In order to do this, we buy components in bulk and work on small margins. We also bypass distributors/retailers and sell direct from this website. This ensures that you get the best sounding gear available at the lowest price possible. Stam Audio is located in Chile where we solder, calibrate and test each unit for 24 hours before shipping. Chile enjoys a free trade agreement with over 60 countries in the world including The United States. This mean there will be no added taxes when receiving our units. Please consult your own countries trade status with Chile.